Not What, But Who

psalm-139Good Morning Lord,

How I long to be a Godly wife and mother! I see books on marriage and motherhood; I scan trending blogs and websites. Even though my desire comes from a right heart, you are showing me that in my search for the ‘how to’, I have missed one key ingredient. In order for me to be a Godly wife and mom, I first and foremost have to be Godly WOMAN. One cannot function without the other.

Lord, so often my identity is caught up in whatever life situation I find myself in. I get lost in  what ‘I am’ and not ‘who’ I am in You. Whether it be mom, wife, educator, youth leader, business woman; I often allow these things to define me and dictate what I think my life ought to be.  I forget however, that before becoming any of these other things; I was a women, your child. I have been created by You to fulfill a specific purpose that you mapped out for me before I was even thought of.

I am so tired of being constantly bombarded by images and expectations though television, film and media outlets. They subtly tear down the value of women in this society. We are seen as objects to be conquered by the guy looking for a good time. Mothers are characterized as stressed out and dissatisfied with life. Wives are looked upon as a ball and chain, nagging their husbands all while putting them down as fathers. We are no longer treated as ‘ladies’ we are treated as equals. How can I change this, Lord?

I am thankful that even in the midst of all of this your Word goes shows us a different way. Psalms 139 v 1-4 says that I am known and understood by You intimately and completely. Verses 7-10 tells me that I am precious and cared for; valuable. Verses 13-14 say that I am an individual, carefully made, handcrafted by God himself. If I think about what that really means, it’s amazing. You! The God who created the universe created and cares for each hair on my head and every cell in my body.

Even though I sometimes get overwhelmed by society and all it throws my way, I ask you to help  me remember that at this point in time You have called me to be a wife and mom. My life is completely wrapped up in meeting the needs of my family. Help me to do that to the best of my ability; but also show me when I start to hide behind that position. I have a calling beyond the ‘duties’ of my everyday life.

Lord, help me to stand with my husband and be a true partner to him. Give me the grace to be an example to my daughter. I pray that she would learn from me, that her value is not in WHAT she does, but WHO you have made her to be. Help me to teach my sons to respect, honor and cherish women, and be the Godly men this society so desperately needs.

As I read Psalm 139 this morning I am thankful for your promises to me.

  • You made me
  • You think about me
  • You protect me
  • You will pursue me
  • You will guide me
  • You will lead me
  • You love me

Help me to believe this today. Amen.

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