From the Mouths of Babes……



“May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God.” Psalm 20v5

I woke up this morning excited for the day! Ready to celebrate a special birthday with friends.

I started with my regular routine. Turned on the coffee pot, checked my email etc. Before the coffee finished brewing the Lord’s words to me were short and sweet. Given to me through my son.

Seeing my child at thirteen, digging into Gods word first thing in the morning blesses my heart. It makes me so thankful for children that love and want to serve Jesus. I have prayed for my children since the day they were born. So, I shouldn’t be surprised that God is answering my prayers. I vow to never take that for granted. I pray that I would never rest on my laurels when it comes to my children and their hearts.

“What are you reading?” I asked. “Psalm 20 & 21” he replied. “Mom, you know what?” He continued. “Psalm 20:5 teaches us that we should be giving praise reports out loud on a regular basis.” “Ok” I answered, waiting for the rest. I know whenever Adam speaks, he has something good to say- the kid has wisdom beyond his years. “Shouting for joy, and waving banners is not a quiet or private thing. We seem to have no problem complaining out loud, but we don’t always celebrate our victories in the same way.”

My heart was filled with both joy and sorrow at the same time. Filled with joy that my son is hearing from the Lord and responding to His voice. Filled with sorrow, because he is so right. I find it so easy to gripe at God. To complain about my circumstance; to demand what I want. How often do I SHOUT with JOY? Do I wave my figurative banner, to honor and acknowledge the victories and blessings the Lord has allowed into my life? Sometimes. But not enough.

“Lord, help me to always shout for joy and wave my banner! Because you are good no matter what my circumstances.Thank you for my son, and his encouragement to me this morning. Help me to be a blessing today! – Amen”


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