An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

On July 16, 2016, I wrote and posted an open letter to Hillary Clinton on my blog, Courageous Motherhood. To my surprise, it garnered a lot of attention—more than three million views and tens of thousands of social-media shares. The majority of the feedback was positive, although I did receive many hateful messages and emails, which I guess was to be expected.

One assumption made by my critics was that because I chose to point out some of Mrs. Clinton’s, shall I say, flaws, I must be fully steaming ahead on the Trump train. It was surprising to me how many people made this assumption, as I never once mentioned you in my post, nor did I compare you to Mrs. Clinton in any way. For all anyone knew, I could have been voting for Santa Claus.

But people demanded that I play fair and write to you also.

I am not one to cave to pressure. So I refused. My intent with my letter to Hillary  was not to compare her and you as candidates; it was to show my daughter that anything is possible for a woman in this country but that emulating Hillary was not the way to go about pursuing her goals.

However, as election day draws closer and what faces us as a nation becomes more of a reality, I now feel compelled to address you also.

I must admit that when you first announced your intention to run for president, I rolled my eyes, laughed it off, and said to myself, That’ll never happen—but I couldn’t have been more wrong! I will confess, Mr. Trump, that you were not my first choice. The thought of having a thrice-married, casino-owning reality star and billionaire businessman as president was almost a little too much for my motherly Christian mind to handle. I was, and at times still am, very conflicted.

Christians in America, me included, are faced with a very difficult decision and somewhat of a dilemma come this November. You see, I can envision what a Hillary presidency would look like, and boy, would it be ugly. Integrity aside, just her liberal agenda and what she stands for politically make her an impossible option for me. A Trump presidency, on the other hand, is an unknown. That to me is scary.

Some have made the commitment not to vote, because they feel that you don’t align well with a biblical worldview. I, however, think that to forgo our opportunity to vote is disrespectful to the freedoms that we as Americans have been given. It has also been suggested that a third-party vote is an option. To me that’s a copout.

Many Christians are confused about the role of the president in our society. I am not looking to elect a man of God for president, although that would be refreshing! Neither am I looking for a pastor. I believe it is the church’s job to change and influence the spiritual and social climate of our nation, not the president’s. I am looking for a president who will give us solutions for our national debt, our open borders, our failing schools, and our healthcare system. My desire is that my children grow up in a safe, prosperous, and strong country. We need a president who will recover the freedoms and liberties that have been systematically stolen from the American people over the last decade; a president who will once again make the United States a leader on the world stage instead of a joke.

I hope you can understand why this election cycle has been a struggle for me and, I know, for many others.

Honestly, Mr. Trump, I want to support you! Some days you impress me with your composure and common sense. It is refreshing to hear a non-politician say the things that so many of us want to say but don’t. You do speak for the people in so many ways.

Unfortunately, though, some days I get up and read the cringe-worthy social-media bickering you’ve engaged in, and I find myself at a loss. It is not necessary for you to talk about Bill Clinton’s mistresses or refer to Miss Universe contestants as disgusting. There may be truth to some of these things, but they are a distraction. Discussing them does not garner respect, and it is certainly not presidential. You see, Mr. Trump, this election is not just about you! It’s about me, my husband, my children, and millions of other Americans who are looking and praying for a leader who will bring some semblance of order to a nation that is spiraling out of control.

We are facing one of the most pivotal times on our nation’s history. This election is about the enduring freedom of the United States of America. This is so much bigger than petty Twitter arguments and ridiculous banter. Your time needs to be spent listening to those who so desperately want America to be, for lack of a better word, great again!

Please, for the sake of the people, me included, who are planning to put a check next to your name on November 8, stop! Please, put your pride aside, and stop taking the bait of the liberal left to engage in things that don’t matter.

You have millions of Americans counting on you to show the rest of our citizens that you are not a joke, that you can be taken seriously, and that our votes for you will not be wasted. Please show us and your naysayers that you will make a good, strong, levelheaded, and serious president.

May God have mercy on and bless this beautiful nation—the United States of America.

26 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Donald Trump

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  2. Great job on both letters, Helen! Thank you for being so brave and so well spoken concerning the truth. I love and miss you!


  3. Yes…we WANT to be able to support Trump- but we just CAN’T. We keep hoping he will STOP his ridiculous comments and his unprofessional “I know you are, but what am I?” schoolyard-bully type attacks….but he just DOESN’T.
    So….I am not going to pretend he is somehow going to manage to govern differently than he has behaved all his life, and vote for him anyway.
    Reality is showing me I cannot responsibly vote for either of the main candidates, so I am voting my conscience and voting third party.

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    • I hope you remember that a vote for the third party is a vote probably taken away from Trump and therefore possibly putting Hillary into office. Also remember that there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court and possibly another very
      soon that the next president will fill. I do respect your right to vote who you wish, but I sure would not like to see Hillary make those choices to keep the country going farther left than Obama has moved it.
      God bless you in your choice.


      • The “wasted vote” argument is often made, but doesn’t hold water. Why is a third party vote automatically one for Hillary? A Hillary supporter could make the same argument to a #neverhillary person that you are making – in other words “If you don’t vote for Hillary you’re basically voting for Trump.”

        It can’t go both ways. How can a 3rd party vote be a vote for both Hillary and Trump at the same time? Because it isn’t. A 3rd party vote is for a 3rd party candidate. Period.


    • Alison, what’s Trump did or said is a small portion of what Hillary did and said. what he did doesn’t interfere in the economy that is really bad , or his behavior will create more war, all the war in the middle east it is Hillary creation she has a lot of bad influence on the puppet congressmen and the president in the white house.
      Now it not the time to look what he said to women long time ago, it is time to look forward for butter economy, no war, more jobs, no immigrants, Obama he want to let 5 millions Muslims immigrants to inter united state before the end of this year. 10 yrs later they will fight for Sharia law . like what is going in Europe and Australia, they asking for Islamic sharia law, our daughter will be raped, killed, convert to Islam covered from head to toes, we should be wiser not emotional for what he said eleven yrs ago for the benefit of our country and butter future for our children, what is happening in America unbelievable corruptions democratic are cheating with votes, what that’s tells you they are desperate to win to finish their plan in the middle east, they ruin middle east , Hillary and Obama signed contract with Muslims countries to take the refugees, that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the biggest donors for Hillary, if you notice none of Muslims countries take any refugees, all the Muslims refugees went to Europe and America to Islamize the west, because their prophet said the whole earth for Mohammad witin 20years the Muslims will be the majority. and will take over the country, that was happen to middle East when the Islam came from the desert of Saudi Arabia occupied the middle east by sword and become the majority by multiplication, with Hillary and Obama the Islamization of the country in the way.


    • …Except Trump has never “governed”. I think we can expect him to “govern” differently than he has behaved in the past. The important thing to remember is what is important… our borders, our safety, our freedoms, our healthcare, our debt load, etc.


  4. I didn’t comment on your open letter to Hillary. But I’m going to say that I agree with you %100 on it. She’s the LAST person we need in office right now. And yet I too, am conflicted when it comes to Trump. Speaking on a personal basis, I don’t LIKE Donald Trump. I’ve lived my entire life, having to deal with people who have the “bully” mentality, and that’s exactly what Trump reminds me of. Again – that’s just a personal thing for me. I won’t try and explain my personal feelings as they are because, as it’s being consistently pointed out; this presidency is SOOO much bigger than that. I would LOVE to vote 3rd party – But there’s not enough light focused on them this late in the game to where any significant vote will put them into Office. So, That brings me back to either the Bully with no experience in politics, whose campaign has had more to do, in MY opinion; with what the other countries are doing, (Mexico and China seem to be two of the main ones that I’ve been seeing lately) than what he’s ACTUALLY going to do to back his promise in making this Country “Great” again.. Or, the former Sec. of State who’s had reports tying her with dealings linked with terrorist organizations, an FBI investigation regarding email on an unsecured server, and a constant reputation of being ANYTHING but constant with her word or anything that she says.. We make no mistake in saying that this particular election will forever shape, and dictate the future of not only ourselves, but our children, and our children’s children. Our decision next month will be no small choice. Nor will it be an easy choice. But it will definitely be OUR choice, and we have to sit down and ask ourselves the biggest question of all.. Are we going to be making the RIGHT choice? Unfortunately, I would not be able to vote this year, due to the fact that I am not currently registered with the state in which I am currently in residence; and due to my particular situation, I will not be able to change that until tax season. But, if I were given the opportunity to vote, believe me; I would. I believe, that every vote counts. That every vote matters. And that everyone should get a say as to whom they feel should take the white house.

    I believe you hit the nail on the head with your letter, and I pray that Trump reads it, and takes every word seriously, and holds everything you say, into account when it comes to his campaign. Thank you, for writing it! It was much needed to be spoken, as it was needed to be read.


  5. I support Mr Trump 100%. from the very beginning! He is a very successful businessman who negotiates deals on a daily basis and does so professionally and successfully. I have never had a problem with his antics as he deals with the naysayers and critics in the same way that they treat him! He is all about fairness. He expects it of evryone! A lot of us have forgotten the meaning. He may be abrasive at time but whats good for the goose is good for the gander


  6. He needs to act as if this was a billion dollar business and behave like a great man that he is and not feed the fire from this villain. We need him to save this country which we love. I understand when you are lied about and distorted stories hit the NYT and come out of her mouth. She is a lawyer and is playing the act. It is up to her to prove you guilty. Stay strong for us. Its a business debate not a circus. Act like a good President of The United Stats of America not like HRC and you have it made.


  7. I’m an extremely independent woman and was a single parent for quite some time. Not that it’s okay but what Trump said women are used to the stupid Locker room boy comments, they are despicable and inexcusable however I have 3 daughters and I would rather they vote for Trump that speaks that way then stand behind a woman that clearly accepts that it’s ok to be treated that way by staying with her rapist adultery husband and then goes after the victims of her husband. Hillary Clinton goes against everything I try to teach my girls. On top of it we spend a great deal of time responding to what Donald Trump says when we should be responding to what Hillary Clinton does


    • 💙 it that someone actually can see through HRC. She is more than evil. If I had a daughter, I would not want her to be a role model for her. Never Hillary


    • Angela, they aren’t just “stupid locker room boy comments.” Trump is a grown man and has shown time and time again that he does not respect women. He said to a friend “Women, you gotta treat em like s**t.” You just cannot whitewash that attitude. He also has no respect for marriage, and has NO pro life record to present to the voters. All we have are his words. And even those we cannot take at face vale, because Trump plays fast and loose with the truth. He will often repudiate outright something he clearly said just 24 hours ago.

      I agree with you about the media. Both candidates should be vetted fairly and equally. They are clearly soft on Mrs. Clinton, and have even gone so far as to do damage control and cover-up for her. This is unacceptable, but I think American voters are more wise to their tactics these days.

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  8. I am wondering now, if you are still able to look at Mr. Trump the same way. To tell your daughter that the man you had planned (or maybe still are planning to) vote for, boasted to essentially a stranger – for entertainment purposes – the fact that he could grab a woman or kiss her without asking… just because of his celebrity. (And I realize by the time I commented here, he has “apologized” with the help of his PR team… after releasing a statement hours earlier that stated this was “locker room banter”.)I I pray your daughter, as well as every other daughter in this nation, would be able to go to school and not be mocked as I was… simply for being a girl.

    I’m no fan of Hillary either, so I’m still at a loss. Gary Johnson, though he will never be elected, seems like the only sane choice. Because I can’t bring myself to vote for either of the major party candidates. My heart hurts for our nation.

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  9. America needs Trump/Pence to save our country from the lying, cheating, traitorous administration that will continue if Killary is elected. I don’t care what he does in his personal life. What he can do to make our country free and proud to be an American again is what he promised and I DO BELIEVE HIM. Trump/Pence all the way!


  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, though I do disagree with you on one point. I really do not believe that voting third party is a cop out. Of course no candidate is perfect, but I believe that there are enough people in this country who truly do feel that neither major party candidate is their choice as the leader for our country, but EVERYONE is afraid that “splitting the vote” will ensure disaster. I urge everyone to really investigate ALL of the candidates and their positions, and thoughtfully and prayerfully vote as their heart leads them. I also believe that your local and state races are just as important if not more so than the presidential race. Please everyone, VOTE and make YOUR voice heard.

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  11. Hi Marcy,
    I admire your convictions and beliefs that 3rd party candidates could make a difference. The difference the third party candidates will make in the outcome of this election will be historical to say the least. HRC brutalized Bernie and would have others if needed.

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  12. I disagree with the statement that a third party candidate is a “copout.” We CAN make a change and we CAN make a difference by voting for someone who is qualified to be the president and does not bring the baggage of illegal activities, immoral activities, narcissistic demeanor, incompetency, and inappropriate personality. Despite the media mainly giving attention to the Republic and Democratic parties, there are other options.

    We need a president who will work towards peace and the improvement of all American lives, not a president who seeks to demean, divide, diminish, and conquer. We need a president who will ensure our religious freedoms, our personal freedoms, and the pursuit of liberty and happiness.

    I have often heard people say “I won’t vote for Evan McMullin” because he is a third party candidate and he cannot win.” He CAN win if people vote for him. Be brave people. We cannot make a change for the better if we are not brave enough. Please consider all your options.


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