Pornography: The Disease That is Coming For Your Family!

be careful

3,564,591,201 Can you guess what this number might be?

This number, is the number of internet searches for pornography since the beginning of 2015. As I put the digits into this post, the numbers continued to climb on my phone beside me, I can’t keep up.

Over the years we have seen many prominent members of the Christian Community exposed for their involvement in pornography and adultery. Lives lived in darkness brought out into the light. Many of us were truly saddened, we were disappointed, disgusted. Unfortunately, many stood in pious judgment, almost enjoying being a spectator of someone else’s demise.

It has been a reminder to me, that Satan really does prowl around like a lion seeking whom he may devour.  Even so, I also know that God will not be mocked. He will not allow His people, to on one hand proclaim Him, while on the other live in sin. It’s time to face it! Pornography is no longer the dirty little secret that hangs out in the back room of a seedy store. It is no longer just subject matter for the frat house, or boys locker room. It is HERE. In OUR homes, in our PURSES, at our DESKS, in our SCHOOLS, in our BACK POCKETS. It is as easy to access as our favorite recipe blog. It’s free, available and it’s not going away. The statistics are staggering.

  • 64% of Christian men and 15% of Christian women say they watch pornography at least once a month.
  • 51% of pastors say internet pornography is a temptation
  • 1 in 5 mobile internet searches are for pornography.
  • 24% of smart phone owners admit to having pornographic material on their device
  • 9 out of 10 boys and 6 out of 10 girls are exposed to pornography before they are 18. Most are exposed by age 12. Many are exposed at church youth group.

I could go on. The statistics only get more heartbreaking. So, as Christians, what do we do?

It’s an easy thing to push aside uncomfortable subjects within the church. We hope to keep inappropriate things outside of our four walls. However, as the church becomes more compromised, and Christians become weaker in their faith, these issues have to be addressed. To be completely honest, I am tired of the devil gaining ground and God’s people not engaging in battle. I am over sin being called addiction or a sickness. It’s SIN, people!!

But there is good news! God has given us everything we need in His word,  to defeat the schemes of the enemy. There is nothing that we can be tempted by, that Jesus did not endure. “Well, He was God!” you say. Yes, He was. But He was God in the flesh, a man. He was open and vulnerable to everything that we are faced with today. He provided a way for us to flee temptation and overcome sin. It’s our CHOICE as to whether we take the way out or not.

So, you may be reading this and be thinking to yourself. “It’s easy for HER to say! She’s never dealt with this.” “People get sucked in by accident!” “It’s the devil’s fault!” “It’s an addiction!” “She doesn’t understand how hard it is!”

No, I’ve never had to deal with this issue personally. But I’ve walked with many that have. As God’s people, we need to STOP putting the blame for sin on others. We each have a CHOICE, a free will.

To the MEN:

It is a CHOICE to type those words into the Google search bar. It is a CHOICE to open that email. It is a CHOICE to click on those pictures. It is a CHOICE to look with lust at the woman walking by you on the street. It is a CHOICE to flirt with the co-worker in the office. It is a CHOICE to watch an inappropriate TV show or movie. I could go on. In all of this, there is a common thread. CHOICE.

The amazing thing is, is that God gives us the greatest CHOICE. His Word. When Jesus was confronted with temptation. He used scripture to fight. God’s promises are for us TODAY! Ephesians 6:17 gives us clear instruction to put on the helmet of salvation. Guys, a helmet is not attractive, or fashionable! We use a helmet for a practical reason. The helmet protects the mind from wicked and corrupt thoughts and schemes. Once again, it is a CHOICE to pick it up and put it on. God has provided. You have to do your part. Once your helmet is securely in place. DO WHAT SCRIPTURE TELLS YOU TO DO!!! FLEE!! We are never instructed to fight temptation. We are to RUN!

1 Corinthians 10:13 “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”

2 Timothy 2:22 “So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

1 Corinthians 6:18 “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

Men, for the sake of your wives, children or future wives and children. Do not let the devil steal your future. Put on the helmet and FLEE!

To the Ladies:

Yes, I’m addressing you too! Even though we tend to think that this is a ‘male problem’ we as women are not off the hook. I am not out to purposefully offend or ruffle feathers, but if I do that in the pursuit of truth, so be it. Before I get attacked for blaming women for men’s failings, I want to say this. We are not responsible for the sin of others. Men and women make their own individual choices. Their sin is their own. HOWEVER! We are called to be responsible to each other as believers.

Galatians 6:1-3 “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

We are to bear one another’s burdens, not just physically, but spiritually. So, while we aren’t directly responsible for the choices of others, we are responsible to help in bearing their struggles. We are to do everything in our power to not aide in the falling of our brothers and sisters.

1Corinthians 8:13 Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause them to fall.”

This doesn’t only apply to food and drink. It applies to anything that may cause someone else to stumble.

So, ladies. In short, this is what I ask. Please keep your short skirts, and low hanging tops at home for your husband. The only boobs and backside my husband should be seeing are mine!

Secondly, I find it quite alarming how many women within the church, are exposing themselves to what the world sees as reality when it comes to marriage. We are bombarded by Fifty Shades of Gray style books, Bad Mom movies, and we seldom blink an eye. We enjoy the escape from our boring, humdrum lives. For a moment we are able to leave to demands of house and home and be transported into someone else’s world. We are allowed for a short time to let our hair down, and laugh at those things we’ve been feeling or wanting to say for years. The problem is, (other than the fact that they are completely wrong, distorted and against what God created marriage and motherhood to be), they are leading women into a sense of dissolution with their own families. Visions of ‘life on the edge’, cloud our minds and fills them with falsehoods. Husbands are no longer enough, we long for something daring and freeing. Eventually women find themselves in a place of detachment and discontent. Stop buying in to the fantasy.

Ladies, fix your eyes on things above! Be thankful for the call that God has placed on you as wives and mothers. Find your contentment in HIM! Ultimately, God is the only one able to squash the desires for things outside of your marriage that are not good. Once again, we have a CHOICE. A choice, that even when we don’t fell like it we LOVE our husbands anyway. Even when we don’t want to, we are patient and nurturing to our children anyway. Please ladies, fall in love with God’s plan for you. It is good and right and will result in blessing.

To the Parents:

I want to finish this post by addressing parents.

Our children are in the middle of a battle. A battle for their souls. As their parents, we are responsible for them! That’s HUGE. We can no longer stand back from our teenagers and give them their space. They need you now more than ever.

If you want children that serve God, you have to spend the time teaching them how. You can not give them a phone, laptop, tablet or any other device, and not expect them to discover pornography. Whether intentionally or by accident, it is a click away. They will find it, and it will pull them in. Please take the time to check your children’s devices. My children know not to expect any privacy when it comes to their online activity. I check their texts, their  device history, and question them often on their viewing habits. We TALK! My kids know they can trust my me and my husband as their parents. Do not let anger with behavior cloud the bigger picture. If your children think you are angry, they will hide. Hide their activities, and their hearts. Ask the Lord how you are to respond. Go to scripture with your children, show them what God says. Pray with them. Hold them accountable. Love them.

It has taken me an hour to write this post. The pornography hit counter is now at 3,565,319,907 and counting. It’s time to step up, stop making excuses for sin, cast aside those things that hinder us, and be the Christian (Christ Ones) God has called us to be.

Lord, help us to be your followers. To be blameless in Your site. Strengthen us for the fight ahead. Help us to stand on truth and not believe the lies fed to us by the enemy. We are YOURS, help us to live like we believe it! – AMEN

4 thoughts on “Pornography: The Disease That is Coming For Your Family!

  1. I really wanted to like this article. I really did. But from the get go, I could honestly tell you were not writing from the heartbroken perspective of one who has personally walked this journey with a loved one. Your call to action is great, your choice of scripture is great, but you do not write from a place of experience. You deny addiction, and therefore deny the REAL struggle that men (and women) face when locked in this battle daily. To flee is what somebody is this position *should* do….often desires to do. Yes, it is a choice and a sin. It is also a sickness and a compulsion. One that is difficult for those who have never walked this battlefield personally or beside a spouse to understand. You say “just flee, it’s that simple”, because you don’t believe that it *is* a battlefield the addict walks *daily*.

    I will make no excuse for my husband. Pornography is a sin. It is heartbreaking choice, yes, which can turn into an *addiction* battle that some people face daily. We walk this addiction battlefield together, daily. One that keeps us on our toes and knocks us to our knees when we let our guards down for even a second.

    All addictions are choices – until they don’t feel like they are anymore. Until you have used your drug of choice for so long you don’t know how to stop using. Until you feel powerless and are willing to admit that without Christ and other Christians you will never win the battle.

    When, as an addict denies they have an addiction, they put them self at further risk because they think they can flee on their own. They can make the choice to stop, cold turkey, no problem. Buckle down and white knuckle their way through the day. Every day.

    . Until the next time, when Satan calls them back, and they have been so enmeshed in the battle for so long that they believe his lie “one more look won’t hurt”, because they have been told “it’s a choice” so they can make the choice today and choose not to tomorrow, right? Wrong! For some men, (and women) it is an addiction. Which means that while yes, it is a choice, it is also something that they cannot hide from, they cannot stop on their own. It is an illness, a wall Satan broke through, possibly before they knew they needed to have a good solid wall built there. Flee, and Satan will follow them…right through the hole in the wall that they wish so desperately to repair.

    This particular addiction is an interesting beast as well…it is not one the addict must seek out…like drugs or alcohol that one must go somewhere to physically get. Doing a simple Internet search can cause the addict to become accidentally ensnared, taken unaware on a day when their guard is down because who knew those search terms would lead *there*!

    They have to be prepared at all times to do battle on this particular battlefield, with heart and mind. Yes, that means actively fleeing, but what does that fleeing look like? Rallying others around the addict who are prepared to accept that they have an addiction, but are not willing to continue to let them fight the battle alone. Those others will help them call on the power of Christ, when they feel too weak to call on Him alone. They will help the addict flee by providing time and places to talk, porn access free.

    As long as Christians continue to deny that it is an addiction (that is also a sin and a choice – there is no denying that) they will never understand the problem and never be able to support their fellow brothers and sisters in this battle. If you take some time to read one of any of the hundreds of testimonies by husbands and wives who live this battle of addiction daily you will better understand why one cannot simply flee but must both flee AND struggle daily.

    (Covenant Eyes is a great place to start if you need some perspective).


  2. You better warn your kids not to google malania trump. Full on naked photos of her easily accessible on any search engine. Hey, there are even photos of her naked cuddling with other women. She is the perfect role model you want as the First Lady for you daughter to use as a role model. Talk about hypocrisy. You better start paying more attention to what you write.


  3. I am one who deals with the ramifications and destruction caused by the SIN of an ADDICTION to pornography. The struggle IS real, And it is unrelenting. Yes, I do believe it is an addiction… it didn’t start out as such. But it is most definitely SIN, and it began as SIN.. To be tempted is NOT sin, but to give in to that temptation IS.
    God does not instruct us to fight temptation… nor to do battle with satan. The battle is the Lord’s.
    The addiction started { most likely as a curiosity } with the knowledge of the WRONGNESS of it.. Yet doing it still, in spite of that wrongness.
    “It doesn’t mean anything” “What can one look hurt?” The list of excuses is long and varied.

    With my husband, it began a LONG time ago. Long before the internet. Unfortunately he still lives daily in the denial that it “doesn’t mean anything”. Even though it destroyed a 35 year marriage and the lives of not just one person,{himself} or even just the two of us; but our children and grandchildren as well. My family is broken and shattered. Shattered beyond anything that I could ever have imagined as we were raising our girls into women. My husbands addiction to the SIN that is pornography led him to think he could have online relationships with young women while still married to me, because it did “not mean anything”.
    He was wrong. It does mean something. It means a lot of somethings. {Again, a long list…}
    Every action has a consequence. EVERY SINGLE THING WE DO! {or don’t do; flee!}
    Sometimes we just have to ask for help. When we contract a sickness, God is the great Physician. If we are sick and refuse to go the doctor, we will suffer the consequences.
    In response to onwhisperingwings; I didn’t read into this that the writer says or doesn’t believe pornography is an addiction. My takeaway is that the sick or infected person was not born with this sickness/addiction and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT GET WELL ON THEIR OWN. They (as have all drug addicts and alcoholics et al; ) brought this sickness on themselves. A direct result of a very bad choice and/or decision. Certainly not intentional I’m sure, but they CHOSE to embrace, rather than flee the temptation. And if they never even seek the much needed help of the Lord Jesus Christ, there will be no healing.

    Instead of asking forgiveness, and to try to work this out, My husband just walked away. From 35 years of a life together. No financial support, no contact. We’ve been separated 7 years as of August 2016. He lives in another Country with a girl who is the age of our youngest daughter. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. We are not divorced. I can’t afford it and he doesn’t care. He apparently has no problem living in his sin, therefore if I want a divorce, I can get one for myself. I’ve not dated, so it’s not a high priority for me at this point in my life.
    Eight lives ruined. …but “it didn’t mean anything”.
    Our daughters don’t even speak to each other, and both hold me in contempt. One ignores me pretty much and the other takes every advantage of me that she can.
    His family (siblings) all support him, and even revere him as a godly man. It is an extremely heartbreaking situation. I live in it daily.
    Praise Jesus, for He has carried me and supports me every single day of my life.
    As Toby Mac sings; “where would I be without Him”.


  4. I don’t follow your logic. In this post, you talk about men’s CHOICE (and yes, you put it in all caps) to look at pornography, other women lustfully, etc. However, in your hateful post about Hillary Clinton last July, you blame Hillary for her husband’s infidelity, stating that she was responsible for his actions. Can you please explain if it was her husband’s CHOICE to have an affair, why is she to blame?

    I also am wondering why you decided to judge her for forgiving her husband and continuing with her marriage. Isn’t forgiveness a main tenet of Christianity?

    Jesus said let those among you who are without sin cast the first stone, yet in your blog post about Secretary Clinton you judge her for choosing to stay in her marriage. By making this judgement, are you declaring that you are without sin, and that God has given you the authority to judge others?

    I am also wondering, do you believe if Jesus was on earth today that he would speak of Hillary Clinton using the same rhetoric as you did in your July post? My understanding of Jesus was that he was a truth-seeker, who did not spread lies or gossip, who sought the goodness in people and forgave their sins.

    You mention that you turned off comments on the post about Hillary Clinton because you received so many hateful responses. Do you understand that your post about Hillary was hateful to many and full of unproven innuendo? Hate begets hate. I thought Christianity was supposed to be about loving others as Jesus loved us, do you believe you were spreading love in your post about Hillary Clinton?


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